As young  artists, we seek not only to pursue our own personal explorations and successes through art-making, but also to remind ourselves that as individuals, we are a part of something larger - a class, a community, the current world of art. We wish to share our creativity and efforts with those around us.

Please take your time viewing the artwork of all eight Senior Artists. Exceptional underclassman work is also featured. Under the guidance and wisdom of Mr. Karl Connolly, students from Gilman's studio art program constantly practice, explore, and fine tune skills and ideas that culminate senior year in a thesis project. Whether it be through gesture, subject matter, or perspective, each student has something unique to offer. Enjoy viewing the work featured here (which will be updated regularly) and reading about the perspectives and motivations of each artist.


If you have any questions for individual artists, their email addresses can be found on their artist page.

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